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Wbrew Pozorom is a Polish folk-poetry-shanty music band. The group includes various instruments such as guitars, banjo, violin and flutes. The sound of the instruments is complemented by the voices of almost all the band members. Their music is strongly inspired by sailing - the passion that binds the team together, as well as poetry and Polish folk music. In September 2015, the music group Wbrew Pozorom produced its first album: “Miliony Gwiazd” (eng. Millions of Stars), which contained original material created by the group in early years. The band is currently preparing to release a new album.

Band members: Anna Brand (vocals), Anna Długosz (vocals, violin), Magdalena Długosz-Malcherek (vocals, flute), Elżbieta Janerka (vocals, acoustic guitar), Michał Janerka (bass guitar, banjo), Kamil Szyjkowski (acoustic guitar)

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Recent Concerts

The Festival du Chant de Marin

The fourth largest festival in Brittany, took place on Friday 4, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 August 2023 in the port of Paimpol. For a memorable fifteenth edition !


  • Cabestan/Pempoull 11:00
  • Quai Loti 12:00
  • Bateau le Gallant 16:30


  • Place Matray 12:00
  • Entrée République 15:30
  • Pempoull 17:45

SUNDAY August 06th

  • Quai Loti 14:45
  • Entrée République 18:00
  • Pempoull 22:00

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